Enlife Studio

In Nature

It is human nature to leave our mark on the world. From the Pyramids in Egypt to Stonehenge in England, there are monumental displays of human ingenuity, creativity, and passion all over the globe. Preserve and Protect is a project that takes this concept of ‘leaving our mark’ and considers the impact it has on our natural environments. Creating art within British Columbia’s beautiful forests, I use the environment as my canvas, adding to with biodegradable, eco-friendly art.

The purpose of this project is to start a conversation surrounding the issues of sustainability and preservation by humanizing the environment. In a month-long process, emotive portraits are placed in the wild and documented during their decay. These portraits create a surreal landscape, providing a fanciful escape. Inspiring deeper thoughts about how we interact with our environment, from the positive to the negative, is ingrained in my artistic ethos.

Often, we are quick to take nature for granted. My placement of this bio-degradable art is deliberate: I want people to give pause, taking the time to see the wonder around them. Just maybe, it will inspire those who witness it to keep our green spaces safe.