Solitude, intrigue and passion are emotions that can be expressed both subtly and explicitly. In my paintings, intricate and colorful designs compliment and obscure the faces of the women that are hiding behind them, leaving the viewer to interpret what is missing. These designs not only force one to focus upon lingering details, but also entice the imagination with the illusion of a story that needs to be completed. Though hidden within a mist of color, the subjects of my work tend to be seductive in nature, luring the viewer deeper into the realm where they exist.

            My subject matter has changed, but my work has continuously used self-made stencils that are reworked in different pictures. Due to its ability to be reproduced, reworked and resemble a print, stenciling has become my medium of choice. My stencils are used to paint either a single piece or a limited edition set before being destroyed.






Stratification (University of the Fraser Valley Gallery, Abbotsford, BC. May 2014. Solo)

Uncharted (Trespass Gallery, Clarksville, Tennessee, May 2014. Group Show)

Open (Trespass Gallery, Clarksville, Tennessee, April 2014. Group Show)

2013 Fraser Valley Biennale (Kariton Art Gallery, Abbotsford, BC. July 2013. Group Show)

Hot Pink (Imagemaker Studios, Vancouver, BC. February 2013. Co-op)

24 Artists, 24 Hours (Sheppard's Pie Gallery, Vancouver, BC. July 2012. Group Show)

12 hours (The Fall, Vancouver, BC. June 2011. Group Show)

Old School Vs. New School (The Fall, Vancouver, BC. May 2011. Group Show)

Look, No Hands. (Chilliwack Cultural Centre, Chilliwack, BC. March 2011. Group Show)