Enlife Studio



Alex Stewart is a Vancouver-based artist specializing in stencil art. Studying at the University of the Fraser Valley, he received a Diploma of Visual Arts in 2011.

Stewart’s work focuses on creating a narrative for the continued efforts toward sustainability and environmental preservation. He creates in natural settings such as the forests of British Columbia in order to humanize our environment. The result is a merging of street art and plein air depicting soft, ephemeral female figures interacting with nature. Stewart’s public mural work also reflects these values by bringing the natural world into the urban.

During his career, Stewart has acted as a repeat guest lecturer at the University of the Fraser Valley and has appeared in publications such as Megaphone Magazine (May 2019).


Say it with flowers (Kariton Art Gallery, Abbotsford, BC, August 2018. Group)

Reworked and Reassembled (Kariton Art Gallery, Abbotsford, BC. November 2017.  Co-op)

Boobies & Wieners (Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver, BC, Sept 2017, Group)

Boobies & Wieners (Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver, BC, Oct 2016, Group)

Lions, Tattoos & Bears. Oh My! (The Fall, Vancouver, BC, July 2016, Group)

I Heart You (The Fall, Vancouver, BC, Feb 2016, Group)

Boobies & Wieners (Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver, BC, Oct 2015, Group)

Stratification (University of the Fraser Valley Gallery, Abbotsford, BC. May 2014. Solo)

Uncharted (Trespass Gallery, Clarksville, Tennessee, May 2014. Group Show)

Open (Trespass Gallery, Clarksville, Tennessee, April 2014. Group Show)

2013 Fraser Valley Biennale (Kariton Art Gallery, Abbotsford, BC. July 2013. Group Show)

Hot Pink (Imagemaker Studios, Vancouver, BC. February 2013. Co-op)

24 Artists, 24 Hours (Sheppard's Pie Gallery, Vancouver, BC. July 2012. Group Show)

12 hours (The Fall, Vancouver, BC. June 2011. Group Show)

Old School Vs. New School (The Fall, Vancouver, BC. May 2011. Group Show)

Look, No Hands. (Chilliwack Cultural Centre, Chilliwack, BC. March 2011. Group Show)